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E&Ps can come up with the best completions game plan in the world, but if they don't have the technologies and support system to execute it, all that planning is a wasted exercise. 

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  • Southwestern Energy
  • Eagle Energy Exploration
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  • Vanguard Natural Resources
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  • Mack Energy
  • Jones Energy
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  • Guidon Energy
  • Pelican Energy Partners
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Permian Basin Frac Design & New Completion Technologies 2018

American Business Conferences' flagship completions congress returns to Houston this July with a "Decision-Making' & "Lessons Learned' focus, and an agenda packed with completions engineering best practices to develop a better well, improve economics, manage costs as much as possible, increase SRV and improve well efficiency & performance.

Focus On Key Frac Design Metrics, Including Proppant Type, Size Intensity & Volume, Cluster Spacing, Frac Fluids & Water Management

Completions is a hotter topic today than ever before and one that's only going to ramp up with operators pumping much bigger completions jobs than they did in 2017. Operators have recognized they have got to be a lot more efficient - both operationally and from a cost standpoint - therefore making decisions on what's worth the money and spending on what actually works is critical. With this in mind, this year's agenda is designed to assess the impact of key Frac Design metrics including Proppant Type, Size, Intensity & Volume, Cluster Spacing, Frac Fluids & Water Management on production performance and well recovery.

Researched with operators from the Permian Basin and and beyond, the 2018 agenda focuses on relevant issues in the industry to ensure operators have the latest information to optimize production.

Focusing on the ultimate goal of developing a better well by improving its efficiency & performance while minimizing cost per barrel, the 2nd Annual Permian Basin Frac Design & New Completions Technologies 2018 will give operators the chance to utilize real-time data analytics to develop improved Frac Design, manage Well Spacing and optimize production-per-foot.

  • Identify 'what's working in different regions' and what the industry been able to achieve within the 12 months
  • Assess the latest completions tactics that are yielding positive results and EURs
  • Determine which completions techniques work best within E&P budgets, and can be applied across multiple basins
  • Fully understand the engineering behind completions operations and match winning techniques with real results
  • Hear experiences from operators that are already implementing new technologies on the frontend
  • Find out where new developments are and how to truly develop your acreage
  • Capture & take advantage of dollar savings > Hear ways to complete wells differently

Look forward to welcoming you to the 2nd Annual Permian Frac Design & New Completions Technologies 2018 in Houston this July.


Alishba Jan

Divisional Director, Oil & Gas - American Business Conferences


Agenda At A Glance

Gather Real-World Insight And Optimize Key Completions Design Metrics, Correlating Them Directly With Well Productivity

 >> TWO-DAY CONFERENCE, July 19 & 20


  • Advances in Completions Strategies: 2017/2018 Results > Assess EURs And Well Performance Results For Completions Design: Showing How Small Adjustments In Frac Design Have Positively Impacted E&P Bottom Lines
  • Optimal Completions Designs For Permian Wells > Hear How Permian Operators Are Minimizing Per Barrel Cost, Increasing SRV And Achieving Better Efficiency Through Optimized Completions
  • Correlate Proppant Size, Type & Well Productivity > Correlate Sand Types, Qualities, Mesh Sizes and Recovery Rates: Making Proppant Decisions To Optimize Cost and Productivity
  • Correlate Proppant Volumes & Production Gains > Establishing Optimal Sand Pumping Volumes Relative E&P Budgets And Lateral Length Scenarios, To Sustain Well Economics And Drive Production Gains
  • Matching Proppant Intensity & Lateral Length > Examine Which Proppant Strengths Are Being Deployed In Deeper, High Pressure Well To Maximize SRV In Extended Reach Laterals
  • Linking Completions Technique, Costs & Production > Assess Economics & Well IPs For Various Completions Techniques, Including Plug & Perf, Pinpoint Entry & Sliding Sleeves, To Establish The Most Effective Option
  • Innovative Completions Technologies > Assess The Latest And Greatest Innovations In Completions: Learn How To Take Advantage Of Novel Technologies To Improve Well Performance
  • Latest Classes Of Frac Fluids > Sharing Prognosis On The Latest Classes Of Frac Fluids System To Deliver Superior Well Performance
  • Frac Fluid Chemistry > Understand How Frac Fluid Chemistry Interacts With In-Situ Reservoir Fluids And Fully Exploit Your Reservoir's Resource Potential


  • Sourcing Water For Completions > Sharing A Cohesive Water Sourcing Plan - From Source Selection To Operational Optimization - To Mitigate Completions Bottlenecks
  • Water Management That Works > Learn How To Clean Flowback & Produced Water On A Scale That Works For Both Horizontal And Vertical Well Completions
  • Optimum Cluster Spacing>Learn How To Optimally Space Cluster Intervals to Accelerate Production, Gain SRV When Adding New Reserves And Maximize ROI
  • Well Spacing Considerations > Learn How To Achieve Capital And Operational Efficiency And Increase Total Recovery Using Different Development Spacing Considerations
  • Landing Zone Optimization > Learn How To Improve Landing Zone Decisions Using Innovative Well Diagnostics Tools And Optimize Your Field
  • Manage Well Interference > Learn How To Use Data Analytics And Mapping Tools To Understand Parent-Child Relationships Between Drilling Lanes And Manage Well Interference
  • Leverage Data Science: Design Intelligent Completions >Learn How to Analyze And Leverage Real-Time Data And Build Intelligent Completions Designs For Future Wells And Achieve The Best Production Per Foot
  • Proppant Sourcing & Availability > Assess Practical Opportunities For Proppant Sourcing To Minimize Disruption To Completions Activity
  • Sand Distribution Channels > Assess Plans For Building And Improving Proppant Distribution Channels To Ensure Supplies Reach Sites On Time

Live Streaming

Live Streaming


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