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Why You Should Attend In 2019

Unparalleled Networking, Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities For Manufacturers, Suppliers And Service Providers

E&Ps can come up with the best completions game plan in the world, but if they don't have the technologies and support system to execute it, all that planning is a wasted exercise. 

Contact ABC at sponsorship@american-business-conferences.com to reserve strategic speaking positions and/or booths early, and showcase innovations in...

  • Well Completions Services
  • Proppant/Frac Sands
  • Frac Fluids
  • Well Logging Tools
  • Well Design Services
  • Fracture Stimulation Technology
  • Reservoir Characterization Technology
  • Production & Chemical Tracers
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Systems
  • Drilling Fluids
  • Microseismic Monitoring & Mapping Tools
  • Down Hole Tools
  • Casing Programs & Services

E&P Representation At Previous Events... Including VPs, Managers & Engineers From:

  • Chevron Energy Technology
  • Anadarko
  • Noble Energy
  • Crescent Point Energy
  • Armstrong Energy Corporation
  • Centennial Resource Development, Inc.
  • Crownquest Operating
  • Sable Permian Resources
  • Vanguard Natural Resources
  • Xstrata Land & Exploration Company
  • Grenadier Energy Partners Ii Llc
  • Lilis Energy
  • Le Norman Operating
  • CNX Resources
  • EP Energy
  • Contango Oil & Gas
  • Southwestern Energy
  • Eagle Energy Exploration
  • Occidental Oil & Gas Corporation
  • Blade Energy Partners
  • Suntrust
  • Vanguard Natural Resources
  • Seven Generation Energy
  • Mack Energy
  • Jones Energy
  • Jagged Peak Energy
  • Hammerhead Resources
  • Guidon Energy
  • Pelican Energy Partners
  • And More

No Other Event Will Give You The Chance To Meet Active Operators With The Right Job Titles

Including Managing Partners, COOs, CEOs, CFOs, VPs, Presidents, Directors, Chiefs, Managers, Engineers, Specialists, Advisors, Superintendents of...

  • Production
  • Operations
  • Production Technology
  • Artificial Lift
  • Well Stimulation
  • Well Optimization
  • Well Reliability
  • Workover
  • Automation
  • Reservoir
  • Drilling
  • Completions


Testimonials From The Previous 2 Years:

Category Manager, Chevron

"I made great connections and gained insights I'll take back to the office"


VP - Completions & Production, Grenadier Energy

"It's always great to get experienced operators and service companies in the same venue to share their knowledge"


Reservoir Engineer, Anadarko

"The conference had great content and presentations. I twas organised in an effective manner and provided real value"


Completions Engineering Supervisor, ConocoPhilips

"This event was a great opportunity to meet and network with peers and key service providers while discussing relevant technical topics"


Engineering Manager, Legacy Resources

"Great presentations full of practical real world results and technology/process application"


Completions Engineer, QEP Energy

"The value of the knowledge I've gained here is well worth the cost of admission. I'll be back next year"


Completions Engineer, Breitburn Energy

"Very well organized and accessible. Good pace of speakers"


Completion Engineering, Paramount Resources

"I enjoyed the intimate atmosphere of the conference. This prompted an environment to promote discussion and interaction that is often missing with the larger conferences"


Well Stimulation Specialist, Chevron

"Thoroughly enjoyed the conference. Great forum to learn operators' perspectives & network"


Completions Engineer, Clayton Williams Energy

"Relevant agenda to interests. Permian operating company speakers to network with"


VP Completions, Grenadier Energy

"The quality of attendees and speakers provide honest real-life experience in the Permian Basin"


Engineer, Chisas Operating Inc.

"Well worth the time and money"


Brand Manager - Production Services, Sabre Energy Services

"Very informational on current Permian Basin fracturing, and possible future trends"


Completions Engineer, SM Energy Co.

"The content helped tie everyone's activity together"


Sr. Reservoir Engineer, Legacy Resources

"Top notch content with smaller operator feel"


Petroleum Engineer, JGC Energy

"Speaker presentations with quality, organic networking, great location, all in one package"


VP Operations, Greystone Oil & Gas LLP

"Excellent pace and usefulness of delivery and content"


Sr. Reservoir Engineer, Oak Valley Resources

"I enjoyed the audience interaction during the Q&A sessions and the panel discussion on Day 2"


Operations Engineer, Adventure Exploration Partners II

"Practical combination of operational and research based information"


Manager, Petroleum Engineering, JGC LLC

"Great match of intriguing agenda, excellent speakers, energetic participants"


Brand Development Manager, STEP Energy Services

"Clear & concise. Technical information without the influence of sales tales"


VP Technical Services, NCS Multistage

"ABC provided a comprehensive list of topics addressing the current challenges facing the Permian Basin today"


Development, Tracerco

"The information and content from ABC congress is always of high value"


Business Development Manager, Tendeka

Permian Completions Frac Design Congress is a great place to learn latest trends from operators. It is the perfect single event for effective networking"


VP of Operations, Energy Quest

"Very impressed with program and speakers. Good info. Thanks"


Technical Sales Engineer, Tenaris

"The event offered a great opportunity to network with key decision makers at operators and service providers"


Senior Account Manager, Horn

"Understanding logistics and supply chain of water, sand treatment chemicals is a huge boost to competent service for our customers"


Tech Manager, Halliburton Energy

"Good mix of operators and service companies"


VP Production Operations

"Excellent conference. Addressed important topics with real world data"


Agenda At A Glance

Gather Real-World Insight And Optimize Key Completions Design Metrics, Correlating Them Directly With Well Productivity


> ADAPTIVE COMPLETIONS DESIGN PANEL: Analyze Adaptions To Completions Designs To Work With Local Reservoir Characteristics And Varying Formations

> PROTECTING THE PARENT WELL: Effectively Protecting A Parent Well When Fracing A Child Well To Ensure Consistent Production & Maximized EUR

> CHILD WELL SUSTAINABILITY: Improving the Frac Design To Increase Child Well Economics And Facilitate Strong Productivity And Reliability

> CLUSTER DESIGN PANEL: Optimizing Cluster Design In Longer Laterals To Maximize SRV And Increase ROI

> BIG DATA & MACHINE LEARNING: Utilizing Data Analytics To Increase Completions Design Efficiencies And Optimize Production Rate

> FRAC FLUID TECHNOLOGY: Recent Advancements In Fracturing Fluid Systems, Reducing Cost And Improving Well Productivity

> RECYCLING & REUSE: Economizing Produced Water Through Treatment Technologies For Recycle & Reuse

> WATER STRATEGY FOR COMPLETIONS: Understanding Strategies To Manage Produced Water Volumes From Sourcing To Disposal


> MITIGATING FRAC HITS -South Delaware Basin Case Study : Methods Of Frac Hit Mitigation In The South Delaware Basin

> COMPLETIONS DESIGN OPTIMIZATION PANEL: Establishing Best Practices In For Cost-Effectively Completing A Well From All Facets

> MULTIPLE FRACTURE ANALYSIS: Understand The Role Of Multiple Fracturing In Maximizing Production And Extending The Life Of The Field

> FUTURE COMPLETIONS TRENDS: Discovering Limits To Extended Reach And Longer Laterals, Looking To The Future Of Cost-Effective Innovations

> NEW PERFORATION TECHNOLOGY: Alternatives To Plug & Perf And Innovations To Increase Efficiency & Reduce Overall Completions Costs

> PERFORATION SYSTEMS OPTIMIZATION: Controlling Geomechanical Parameters And Modelling Insights From The Hydraulic Fracture Test Site

> MAXIMIZING PRODUCTION: Controlling Defining Effective Drawdown And New Methods In Gas Lift Optimization

> IMPROVED OIL RECOVERY: Current Methods And Technologies In IOR In Shale Oil To Improve Well Productivity And Maximize Recovery

Live Streaming

Live Streaming


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